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8 Reasons to adopt an adult or elderly dog ​​and save a life.

Updated: May 30, 2022

Puppies and younger puppies are more likely to be adopted than older ones. Puppies are charming, cute and full of energy, which is why they are the first to be adopted.

Shelters are usually full of senior dogs, which are less likely to have a family that will take them in. When adopting an adult or elderly dog ​​ you are filling your house with love and happiness, as they show pure gratitude and a lot of companionship.

The vast majority of them have already lived on the streets, were abandoned, suffered mistreatment, felt cold, burning heat, thirst, hunger, fear, pain, illness, and the worst, they faced loneliness and indifference.

When they finally get a new home, where they are the center of attention, pampered, loved, cared for, they are able to renew their feelings and return all the love received.

Here are the main reasons to have an adult or elderly dog:

1- Elderly dogs are more independent.

2- Elderly or adult dogs already have a defined personality and size.

3- Older dogs usually play without destroying or gnawing things in the house.

4- Even though they are older dogs, they have the same learning ability as younger dogs.

5- Because they are older, they are calmer and good companions.

6- Elderly dogs also like to play and interact.

7- Because they are tired of indifference and loneliness, they cling and give love in an indescribable way.

8- Adult dogs have the sweetest and most sincere look you can get.

We adopted Simba when he was about 8 years old, he had anxiety problems, because he spent a lot of time alone, licking his paws until he hurt them. In a short time, he was already super calm and well integrated with the other 3 puppies I had.

He was one of the most affectionate and loving dogs I have ever had.

Want to know the story of Simba and his family?

If you are thinking about adopting an older dog, keep reading this article and see what care is needed:

1- Some dogs may have a health problem and will need special care and constant visits to the vet.

2- Adult or elderly dogs need a special diet that has the necessary nutrients to meet the needs of their body.

3- When dogs get older they start to show some changes in health, just like humans do. Because they are 100% dependent on their owner, they need proper treatment when necessary.

4- Elderly dogs in some cases can lose their vision, become deaf, have mobility problems, present illnesses, change their behavior, in short, what can happen to humans when they get older, happens to them too.

5- When they reach old age, they sleep a lot and interact much less than normal.

6- Elderly dogs need a drinking fountain and feeder in an accessible place so they don't have to bend down and make sudden movements.

7- Adult dogs need time and patience to get used to their new family and routine.

Adult dogs that are in shelter are in great need of a new home, with a family willing to give a lot of love and attention, as many have been abandoned or lost their family or were rescued from abuse in bad homes.

Donate love to the lives of these pets, you can rescue hope for a safe and loving life!

What about you, do you want to take a chance and adopt an adult dog or cat?

Daniela Ferreira