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Paracord Style

The inspiration to do something different and amazing for pets came from my  love for them. When we love and are loved, we feel important in someone's life.

The bond of love we create with our paw children is a pure and unconditional feeling.

My respect and love for them led me to create the Molly & Tutu Boutique.


We all like something different that makes us beautiful and majestic, right?

Our puppies also deserve something of their own and unique. Molly & Tutu, were two amazing puppies and represent their brothers, who inspired the creation of this brand.

Boutique Molly & Tutu, differentiated accessories is unique and essential for pets with soul and heart.

Our objective, in addition to  manufacture  collars in the form of accessories  is to encourage the conscious adoption of dogs and cats so that they have the opportunity to be cared for, loved, have a safe, comfortable home and can be happy.

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Molly & Tutu 

Pet Shop

🐶😺Unique,personalized, and comfortable dog and cat collars that makes your pet stand out even more.


Dogs Helping Dogs Club

The dogs Helping Dogs Club Helps dogs in need, who have gone through abuse, abandonment or live in precarious situation for various reasons.


We are very happy  in choosing such a beautiful model and colors, Bruce really  it was very elegant  with his new accessory.

Amazing how the colors are cheerful and the plot very well done. Super tough and soft. Maia was very stylish. I already want to buy  several and make a collection!

Jack looked very beautiful with his new collar, in fact it is a true super exclusive accessory! It's doing well on the street!

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