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Pitbull collar
Pitbull  best collar


Pitbull dog breed Information


The American Pitbull Terrier, American Bully and  some descendants of the same family are a breed of dog  extremely docile, kind, affectionate, loyal and intelligent. They love children, are affectionate and usually take the position of nanny for the little ones.  


The fact that they were encouraged to fight other Pitbulls and were treated like guard dogs, gave them a reputation for being rude and aggressive. Currently, they still suffer prejudice and are often treated with indifference and fear.  

Like all dogs, the way to defend themselves is by barking or even biting when cornered, scared or in defense of their territory or owner. Because they are strong and muscular, they can hurt a lot if they attack and bite.

It's important to remember that all dogs, of all breeds, can get stressed and aggressive and many are also as strong as a Pitbulls, and when they bite or attack they can also hurt a you lot. Anyone who really knows dogs knows very well that this is true.

Pitbulls should be treated equally like other dogs and deserve the chance to show how amazing and kind they are. There are small dog breeds that are temperamental and bite their owners in a simple joke, even being treated with love and affection.

All breeds have their peculiarities and behavior profiles, so it is necessary to make sure  you are capable of adopting the dog you want. Many points must be taken into consideration, as many of them need space, company, daily physical activities, and comfort. Finally, there is a list to be analyzed. The Pitbull also requires an owner and family who are able to take care of them.

It is very common for people to be enchanted with Pitbulls, however, they are not prepared to comply with the necessary care so that he has a healthy and happy life. Having a dog is like having a small child, it depends 100% on their owner.  

It is very important to end this unfair reputation against the lovable Pitbulls, there is no need to change sidewalks when someone is coming in the same direction as you walking a Pitbull.  

As every dog is necessary to know its personality and behavior, when a puppy it is possible to educate it better, as an adult dog has a behavior profile already established. When buying or adopting a Pitbull, make sure you and your family have a life dynamic that is ideal for you to live happily together.

Many Pitbulls are abandoned, like any other dog, however, they end up having less chance of being adopted, precisely because of the prejudice that people have for them. Give them a chance so they can be rescued and have a family they can give love and care to.  

Usually the dogs that are abandoned are because they are old or sick, they require care and daily activities that the owners are no longer willing to give. On vacation  or change, it is quite common for owners to leave their faithful companions behind. The worst thing is that many end up on the streets alone, hungry, scared and helpless. Sad right? Have you ever thought if your family did this to you?

If you and your family have the profile that suits having a Pitbull, think about adopting one, with certainty you can be very happy together.

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