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For the collar to be comfortable it needs to be the right size !

Molly & Tutu Boutique,one of the best custom collar stores, is made by measureaments, so you need to measure the exact size of your pet so we can make an accessory that is comfortable and safe for your pet. Remember, the collars are unique and essential!

The collar will be too tight if you start measuring at the beginning of your pets neck and can suffocate.

If you measure at the base of the neck, it will be too wide and can easily come off your pets head.

THE CORRECT MEASUREMENT is the middle of the neck, so it will be comfortable and safe.

The measurement can be made with measuring tape or fabric tape, to be correct it can't be tight or wide. Mark the position with your fingers and then measure the tape size with a ruler or measuring tape.

The reference measurements below are for you to follow as a guideline when taking the measurements of the circumference of your pet. They need to be the correct size, remember that regardless of the breed, each pet has its own size.

imagem measurement 1_edited.jpg
imagem collar measurement_edited.jpg

See below for your pet's size and neck circumference measurement, so you can get the right size.

2.webp measure

Measure at neck

measure 3_edited.png




Molly & Tutu


Molly & Tutu

Size Guide

How to measure a dog collar and cat collar of all breeds
Cute cat
illustrative image of a measuring tape.

 X small - Up to 27 cm – less cm



  Small-Up to 28 - 34 cm  




  Medium-Up to 35 - 44 cm  


  Large- Up to 45- 52cm  


  X Large - Up to 53 - up cm  









Cat Collar Tutu-Amiable
Cat Collar Tutu- Fancy
Cat CollarTutu- Fluffy
Cat Collar Tutu- Gorgeous

Dog Personalities

Dog Collar Bud Louie- Cute
Dog Collar Bud Louie- Good Vibes
Dog Collar Bruna Mirabel Cotton Candy
Dog Collar Bob Nina- Good Friends

Every breed has its differences, in relation to size, coat, strength, health, personality, in short, points that need to be understood before adopting or buying a dog or cat.  

By nature they are cute and charming, the biggest ones are extremely beautiful and imposing. As puppies, all without exception are irresistible and make you want to cuddle up and take them home.  

Beauty and cuteness are natural qualities of these little beings, they have many others, however, it is these two that often at first sight is what enchants the hearts of many people.

Before taking a heart charmer home, know exactly what awaits you for many, many years. One thing is for sure, he will always be faithful and loving to you!

Click on the link and learn more about some breeds.

How to measure a dog collar and cat collar of all breeds.
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