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Pets Matter
Conscious Adoption

Adopt a dog! Adopt a cat! How to adopt a dog or cat?


Molly & Tutu is much more than a brand of unique and personalized collars for dogs and cats, we support   the conscious giving of pets.Having a  pet is to donate pure and true love, as they are 100% dependent on care and protection. Being prepared to receive a true and loyal friendship is something that will change many things in the way you live your life.

Be aware that you will  You have to have a lot of patience, spend a lot of your time, be willing to play, walk, bathe, take care of proper nutrition, teach good manners, take them on a trip with you, take care of you when you are sick, be prepared to clean up pee, poop, listening to barking, maybe getting bitten and scratched, having a financial reserve for a vet, vaccines, taking care of him in his old age, among many other things...

You know, pets are children who need special attention and care on a daily basis, they are amazing and loving that give love without asking for anything in return.  

If you have a dog or cat, you know how wonderful they are and how much responsibility they have to take.

If you are thinking of adopting a dog or cat, make sure you are 100% prepared to welcome him into your life and family, after all he will be a new member.

Many people still treat dogs and cats as a hobby, or even a toy that when they are no longer useful, they are discarded. Unfortunately, this is a very cruel reality.

I adopted my children with paws and I can say that the story of each of them was very sad before they arrived at my house. Some are gone, however, the years we lived together were wonderful. They were appearing in my life and it was always love at first lick.

All my dogs needed an adjustment period to restore confidence and have a healthy behavior and a happy life.

When you decide to adopt a dog or cat, let your heart speak to you, instead of choosing the prettiest, healthiest, most perfect. Remember, they are not for sale, they are sad, waiting for the love of a family that treats them with dignity, affection and respect.

Many dogs and cats, who are already adults or old, have a disability, are blind, deaf, have health problems or have behavioral problems, unfortunately.  few people give them a chance to have a happy new life and with that they end up staying in the Shelters always waiting for a new home. Think about this when adopting a child with paws.  

Blindness is not a problem, two of my dogs went blind, one of them, Molly, also lost her hearing. The ease with which they adapt is incredible and they manage to live a normal life.

Black cat? They are beautiful and majestic, they look like mini black panthers! I had Tutu, he was simply the most beautiful and charming of cats. I can say that he brought a lot of happiness and fun to all of us! He is greatly missed.

Black Dog? I adopted four wonderful black paw children, including the brand name Molly & Tutu, are inspired by them, a dog and a black cat and they bring me great luck!

Do you believe that black dogs and cats are discriminated against and are less likely to be adopted, all because of superstitions?  Have you ever stopped to think that their life is to love unconditionally, be loyal, protective and companion regardless of their color and imperfections?  


Bad luck is in people's hearts and attitudes, animals are innocent and pure, free from any evil and superstition. Think about it.

Think about adopting a pet that needs to be welcomed and loved, he was abandoned at some point in his life, or was born on the street. Give him a chance to survive and rescue a happy and healthy life. I can say that they are the best and most loyal pets imaginable!

Donate love to life and choose to adopt a pet that really needs love, especially yours!  

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This is Louie, besides being super protective, he's a heart charmer. He brought a lot of joy in a very challenging time of our lives!

This is Tutu with Lili, he won the heart of my daughter who was 2 years old at the time. He arrived and brought much happiness and love to all of us. He became our dogs mascot.

Pets Matter personalized dog collar
Pets Matter personalized cat collar
illustrative image of a hand holding a pet paw. It symbolizes the love between the two.

If you fall in love with a puppy, remember he will grow up!

Pets matter dog collar
Pets Matter  best cat collar

We are a proud sponsor and supporter of Dogs Helping Dogs Club, whose mission is to help dogs in need, who have gone through abuse, abandonment or live in a precarious situation for various reasons. 


The Club aims to raise funds through donations, projects and meetings, which will be distributed to a reputable, non-profit organization, so that all dogs get a chance to be loved, respected and happy.

If you, like us, believe that every dog deserves to have a happy life, please consider signing your dog in the Dogs Helping Dogs Club, and let him/her be part of a great canine chain of good. 

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