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Discover the history of Molly & Tutu

I'm Daniela Ferreira, mother of two beautiful girls and animal lover. My love for animals comes from childhood, I grew up among them. Since I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian and have a shelter to provide a home for dogs, cats and other animals  that I saw on the street, however, life took another turn and I followed another profession.

After I got married, I went to live in a city with a lot of nature, in a house with a very large garden and yard.

So I started to adopt my puppies. First came Bruna, she had been run over and abandoned, then I adopted Molly, who was already for adoption for almost 2 years along with her came Mirabel, who had been neutered and thrown into the street.

One of my workers at the time needed to find a home for Simba, the Labrador who had been left behind by the owners of the house I had just moved into. Simba was in depression, because in addition to being alone all day, he no longer had the giant backyard and interaction with other dogs. Of course, I adopted Simba! He returned to the home he was born in, however, with parents who would never leave him again.

After 1 year Mirabel left us, she had epilepsy and her health was poor.

A few months after Mirabel left, I found out about a litter of 9 Dalmatians, where the owners were donating, as they weren't able to take care of the parents and all the puppies. My daughter Pietra, fell in love with Lili, a beautiful dalmatian.

In the midst of the dogs, Tutu, our black kitten with bright yellow eyes, that Pietra found in the street, circulated. He was just a baby, who probably lost his mother. Tutu and Lili grew up together, and became good friends, it was really fun to watch them play together. Tutu, after seven years of great joy, left us.


Simba, was Lili's father, he adopted her as soon as she arrived, it was amazing the care and affection he gave her. They became inseparable. You know that father who lets his daughter do everything? That was Simba!


A few years later Simba, who was already old, left us and Lili got depressed. She was growing up and started fighting with Molly and Bruna, she didn't like females. This became a problem as they couldn't be together.


I went to a shelter to adopt a dog to be Lili's new friend. In fact, she was the one who chose, after all, the friend was for her. Bob, a handsome mutt, all friendly, was chosen. He was rescued from an owner who had locked him inside a small dark room.  


With that, Bob, I didn't like men, we had  enough patience, special care and a lot of love for him to come back  to feel safe and confident. Bob has always been a super dog, kind, playful, loving and very protective.


Well, when I went to get Bob to take him home, I also brought Nina, a big, fluffy dog, the two of them had become very good friends and I couldn't leave her behind. She's wonderful!  

One day, a puppy ran in front of my car, I almost ran him over, he was very small. He had been abandoned in the streets. It was a very cold time and he, being a pincher, felt really cold. We adopted another puppy! Budweiser, a very dear and brave puppy!

In June 2020, my beloved girl of so many years left us, Molly was already very old. She was a warrior, because she endured hours of flying from Brazil to the US to come find me, I'm glad I managed to have at least brought her here.

Bruna couldn't come because she was very sick, Bud would come soon after, but the pandemic disrupted our plans. The other bigger ones, only  they can come when we move to a bigger house that accepts them all.  They're on a friend's farm until I can bring them here.  

In February 2021, we adopted a dog in a shelter in West Palm Beach. Louie, a cute puppy, super friendly, full of energy, who likes to play in the dog park with his friends. Louie, in addition to having a collection of accessories, is having fun modeling for Molly & Tutu. He loves trying out new models and poses to take a picture, I think he wants to be the center of attention!

This is the story of my lovely puppies, my story with them and the passion I have for animals inspired me to create Molly & Tutu.


Molly & Tutu, two little beings of light, were amazing and brought a lot of love and happiness to my life and my family.

The Molly & Tutu Boutique is much more than a unique and personalized collar brand in the form of an accessory for pets, it is the record of love between us and our pets. Definetly the best collar for dogs and cats. 


Molly in 2020 - 16 years old

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