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Meet Biothane

To accompany the Paracord 550 in quality, beauty and originality, the clasps and leashes made of Biothane, are part of this universe of colorful accessories, through personalized collars for dogs and cats.

It is manufactured in North Ridgville in the state of Ohio, USA which holds/protects a worldwide patent. Its breaking point is measured at 450 kg.

The composition of  material  of BioThane is made of nylon and polyester coated with closed-cell thermoplastic polyurethane, its high quality allows for safe and resistant uses.

It is an alternative to replacing leather and fabric as it is more durable, easy to clean, resistant to water, bacteria and does not stretch.

Biothane's diversity of colors allows imagination to run wild, as we can match the colors of the Paracord 550 to create our collections of collars and leashes.

Boutique Molly & Tutu uses colorful Biothane colors to create some unique dog collar and leash collections. We are always creating new collections with different Biothane colors.  


Biothane has many beautiful and different colors, always stay tuned on our social media to stay on top of all the news. Register on our website to receive all information about new collections.

Discover the colors of Biothane

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