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Understand the behavior of dogs and cats

Updated: May 30, 2022

Every breed has its differences in relation to size, coat, strength, health, personality, in short, points that need to be understood before adopting or buying a dog or cat.

Do you know the personality of your dog or cat?

By nature, they are cute and charming, the larger ones are extremely beautiful and imposing. As babies, all without exception are irresistible and make you want to pick them up and take them home.

Beauty and cuteness are natural qualities of these little beings, they have many others, however, it is these two that often at first glance are what delights the hearts of many people.

Before taking home a heart charmer, know exactly what awaits you for many, many years to come. One thing is for sure, he will always be faithful and loving to you!

With my long experience of living with dogs and cats, I know that it is essential to understand how they behave in order to have a healthy and happy relationship with each one of them.

Throughout my life, I've adopted Labrador, Dalmatian, Basset, Pincher, Chiuhuaha, strays, and cats and I can say, that each of them have different behaviors from each other, mainly because many lived together forming a pack and the fight for leadership is something to be taken into consideration.

When a new puppy or cat is brought home, everything is new, all attention is focused on him, however, be aware if you already have another pet at home, as he can be upset and jealous with the arrival of his new sibling.

This is a very delicate moment, show your pet that he continues to have an important place in the house and in your life. Gift him with new toys or things he likes a lot, make an adaptation in his time, be patient and calm until they are already well integrated and friends.

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When you adopt, a life story of each one comes along, feelings, memories that they lived, for this reason, they need a lot of patience, often training, understanding for the behavior they present and especially a lot of love.

If you already have a dog or cat, before taking another pet home, make an adaptation, because even if they get along well with other animals, they don't necessarily have to accept sharing their attention and territory with others.

Regardless of the breed, consider how your pet reacts to other animals. Remember, not all dogs like cats and not all cats like dogs. Be aware of children, some pets don't get along with them, however, there are others that don't live without them.

For every family there is a dog or cat that will bring a lot of joy and together they will have a life full of happy stories.

Before taking a new member to your home, research a lot about the breeds, if you are going to adopt a dog or cat, seek all the information at the shelter, about their behavior, health and necessary care you should have.

Daniela Ferreira

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