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10 ways to make your dog happier!

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Do you know if your dog is really happy? Dogs are fascinating creatures that with their "canine" tricks and affectionate looks can win the heart of anyone.

Dogs are extraordinary, always loyal, gentle, affectionate and concerned with making their owner happy. It's very easy and fun to make your dog happy and notice a certain smile! Do you want to know how to repay all this love and make your dog happier? Stick with me and read this article to the end!

10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happier!

There are countless possibilities for you to have fun together, always remember to respect your dog's limit, he will tell you when it's time to stop and to leave him alone.

1- Their ears are very sensitive and a gentle massage with your fingers at the foot of the ear is proven to make your dog relax.

2-Using your index finger, slowly stroke the bridge of the nose in the direction in which the hair grows. Your dog will surely sleep smiling.

3- Lightly scratch your dog's back with your fingers, he may feel ticklish and with that wag his tail and beat his legs as if he were a rabbit. If he is lying down, try scratching his belly, he will surely be very happy with so much affection.

4- We all like massage, right? Some dogs love it when they are massaged, when he is lying down, gently massage his back, paws, head and ears, the neck area is the favorite of most dogs, this is a real dog spa!

5- Some dogs love to play "Tug of War", swing a towel and call him to play, after a few rounds, let him take the towel and come out a winner.

6- Most dogs are not fooled by imitation human barks, but are intrigued by them. See how fun it is to play barking with your dog, if he responds, you are bilingual and can have interesting conversations in his native language. Now, if he tilts his head and looks at you like you're from another planet, keep speaking your language.

7- We all love to receive gifts and dogs also love to receive treats. Whenever you can, give your dog something he likes, from treats, toys to a new blanket. Make him the center of attention and make this moment special for you.

8- Surprise your dog with unusual games, such as hiding and calling for him, running after him as if you were a dog, rolling on the floor...

9- Fill him with kisses on the neck, dogs love to receive this kind of affection, it certainly makes him smile.

10- Take him for a walk at a time outside the daily routine, these walks make them feel very excited, because what makes them happy the most, is to stay as long as possible next to their owner.

If you made it to the end of this article, you certainly want to make your dog happy! There are countless ways for you to have fun together, the most important thing is to use creativity and together you will always have each other's complicity.

Want to know a secret? What makes your dog happy is knowing that you are happy, they can feel the vibration of energy, so if you are happy he will be happy too!

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