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10 tips for adopting a pet

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Having a pet is giving pure and true love, as they are 100% dependent on care and protection. Being prepared to receive a true and loyal friend is something that will change many things in the way you live your life.

Be aware that you will have to be very patient, dedicate a lot of your time, be willing to play, walk, bathe, take care of a proper food diet, teach good manners, take them to travel with you, take care of them when they are sick, be prepared to cleaning pee, poop, listening to barking, maybe getting bitten and scratched, having a financial reserve for a vet, vaccines, taking care of him in his old age, among many other things...

You know, pets are children who need special attention and care on a daily basis, they are amazing and loving. They give love without asking for anything in return.

If you have a pet, you know how wonderful they are and how much responsibility they are.

For you to be sure that adopting a pet is something that will make him and his family happy, make sure you are 100% prepared to welcome him into your life and family, after all he will be a new member.

10 Tips on how to prepare your home to welcome your new family member safely and peacefully.

1- The garden must be secure, with a fence and a gate that can keep your pet from running away.

2- If your backyard has a pool, teach your pet to go out if he

accidentally falls. Check the possibility of putting a secure pool cover

or fence to prevent him from getting close to the water.

3- If you have carpet in the house, be prepared with suitable products for

cleaning, as it may happen that a pee or poop escapes from time to time,

(Never yell or hit your pet, be patient and teach them the right place to pee).

4- Depending on the breed, some shed a lot of fur, be prepared

to brush and clean so this isn't a problem.

5- As with children, keep objects and chemical products

that could harm them.

6- If your house has stairs, make sure he can go up and down with

safety. (pets can't go up and down the stairs easily).

7- If you adopt a puppy, distract him with teethers suitable for

dogs, very hard bones, tie small pull cords so that

he can play tug of war. Offer plenty of options for

them to play with, instead of gnawing and biting your

furniture and other things.

8- If you have more than one pet, place the drinking fountain and feeder in places far away from each other, so they can eat peacefully and without rushing and without fighting with each other.

9- Have scratching posts because cats need to sharpen their

nails (it's in their nature, they don't do it on purpose).

10-Cats are curious and like to play, have hammocks in the windows

to prevent them from running away and falls. Leave closets closed, they like it to explore and can get stuck without you noticing.

With some care, everything can be easier and safer, at first it's more work, however, they learn very quickly.

Think about adopting a pet that needs to be welcomed and loved, he was abandoned at some point in his life, or he was born in the streets.

Give him a chance to survive and rescue a happy and healthy life. I can say that they are the best and most loyal pets imaginable!

"By adopting a dog or cat, you will experience a rebirth from an empty, cornered gaze, to the sincerest and sweetest gaze of joy and gratitude."