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((EXCLUSIVE)) Download Borland Database Engine 64

Borland Database Engine (BDE) is the Windows-based core database engine and connectivity software behind Borland Delphi, C++Builder, IntraBuilder, Paradox for Windows, and Visual dBASE for Windows.

Download Borland Database Engine 64

Download File:

In 2014, Embarcadero removed the BDE installer from its Rad Studio XE7 install, making it a separate download in order to strengthen the message that the BDE has been deprecated for a number of years. Programmers using the BDE are encouraged to update their software to use newer database connectivity technologies like Embarcadero's FireDAC, or third-party-provided solutions.

BDE is object-oriented in design. At runtime, application developers interact with BDE by creating various BDE objects. These runtime objects are then used to manipulate database entities, such as tables and queries. BDE's application program interface (API) provides direct C and C++ optimized access to the database engine, as well as BDE's built-in drivers for dBASE, Paradox, FoxPro, Access, and text databases.

... single-file, multi-user (file-server and client/server) cross-platform BDE replacement database with SQL support based on a new original BDE alternative database engine that supports the almost all TTable, TQuery, ...

Hi Guys,I have Delphi 7 application on BDE 5.01. It works on windows 2000 but it does not work in Windows 7.I have Windows x64 and Office 2010 x32.I downloaded your BDE 5.2 then downloaded MS access engine for 32bit from microsoft. Now I can see my Access DB from BDE no issue there. Also I set my aliases up in BDE. It gives dbierr_Unknown error when it is loading up.Also I use Titan component for Btrieve connection for some reports.Any suggestions...Thanks in advance...

Actian Zen is the current name for a long line of products used to store and retrieve data on computers since the 1980's. Previous names for the product include Actian PSQL, Pervasive PSQL, Pervasive.SQL, Scalable SQL, and Btrieve. Originally released in 1982, the Btrieve database engine provided early developers with a fast, flexible, and stable data storage environment for those early DOS-based applications, based on the Btrieve API -- a low-level, record-oriented data store. Subsequent versions supported the same Btrieve API on such storied platforms as NetWare, Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, OS/2, and Windows NT/2000, with even later versions including several flavors of Linux, including Mac OSX and Raspbian Linux. Actian has since added edge computing environments (like Windows IoT, Windows Nano, Android, and iOS) as well. Zen offers both transactional access methods (via the MKDE) and relational access methods (via the SRDE), and these methods can be used interchangeably or even simultaneously.

The current Zen database engine continues the long-standing history of providing a direct record-level access method with extremely high performance and a high degree of flexibility for the developer with respect to data structures. It is the original NoSQL database, but it ALSO includes a full ANSI-compliant SQL engine that can be accessed through ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, and other interfaces. It supports database record sizes to 4GB, and individual data file sizes up to 64TB, and it has become the database engine of choice for applications within just about every vertical markets, including airlines, banks, dentists, doctor's offices, funeral homes, insurance companies, long term care facilities, steel mills, timber harvesting, and utilities.

At the heart of the Actian Zen environment is the Microkernel Database Engine, known as the MKDE, and a common MKDE data file format which is used to store blocks of data provided by the application directly into the storage system, along with indexes for later retrieval. At the MKDE level, data records are simply blocks of bytes, with index definitions in some cases, which offers the flexability to use any possible data type, even developer-defined data types. The MKDE storage format is identical across all of the platforms in which the engine can operate, thus simplifying data transfer and eliminating the need for complex ETL. This file format provides applications with control over the data storage through attributes record size, page size, on-disk encryption, and multi-segment index definitions that specify data to be stored in each of the B-tree index structures. Additional features include record compression, variable record sizes, blank truncation, index balancing, and the availability of hidden "system data" that can uniquely identify a record's origination or last modification time. While a majority of the MKDE accesses are done through individual record operations (i.e. insert, update, delete, read), the MKDE also supports extended operations that can act on many records at a time, reducing the number of database engine calls needed to perform lengthy operations.

Here's a quick list of limits and maximums in the Zen database environments. Note that some maximums are dependent on one or more external factors, such as page size, file version, engine version, metadata version, and so on.

Borland Database Engine (BDE) is a database engine shared by all our Organizers and some other products. It provides our software with all database functionality. All our products using BDE install it automatically when you run Setup.exe. In some cases however (e.g. network installation, problem during the installation) it may be necessary to install BDE separately. Also, when you install an evaluation version of our software BDE may be set up only partially and if you attempt to run more than one application using BDE it will fail. To insure the best and trouble-free performance of our software you should set up BDE using the described below procedure (you only have to do it once).

  • One of the main goals of dbDeveloper is speed. It is designed to be fast and undemanding. You can connect directly to all most popular database servers using the single interface so that you can make your work faster and more efficient.At low purchase costs dbDeveloper can enhance your business processes through unifying development and administration features in one tool. Initial training, installation, maintenance and support are all cost factors reduced due to the uniform concept of dbDeveloper. Key benefits: Centralized database management: Work with all popular database engines using one tool and a single consistent interface. Manage all versions and editions of your databases.

  • Superior performance and fast response: Native data access technology makes navigating databases extremely fast.

  • Extended features: Extra database properties (tablespaces, sessions, locks, etc...). Every database engine has its own peculiarity. dbDeveloper gives you an access to those unique features.

  • Intellisense SQL editor: Easily write and execute your SQL queries and stored procedures with syntax highlighting, code completion and SQL formatter.

  • Stored procedures: Compile, run, test and analyze your database objects: procedures, functions, triggers etc.

  • Advanced SQL formatter: Format your SQL code with configurable data formatter.

  • Reverse Engineering: See the database presented as Entity Relationship Diagrams.

  • Enhanced data manipulation: Quickly modify grid data and save query results as XML, HTML, and CSV with one click.

  • Supported database engines: Oracle 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10g

  • MS SQL Server MSDE, 7.0, 2000, 2005

  • Borland Interbase 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x

  • Firebird 1, 1.5

  • MySQL 4.x, 5.x

  • PostgreSQL 7.x, 8.0

  • Sybase

  • DB2

  • It also supports database access through ODBC or BDE. Informations Status: Evaluation (time-limit)

  • Source: None

  • price: $115

  • Size: 3 879kB

Platforms: ME, NT4, Vista, W2K, W2K3, W95, W98, XP,

I have some custom apps with installs I wrote that run on the BDE and still work on Windows 10 so it can be done. I've got the BDE running in a 7 pro hyperv on my surface for emergencies, but i have it on a 10 pro dev laptop also fully functioning. The only thing to date as of 1709 if i recall that is totally broken is the borland database desktop and i gave up trying to rig that up. There's something really deep that got depreciated on that program. 1709 also jacked up something with the networking of the bde as i recall but it can be worked around i think with the .net and .lck paradox files.

Note that VaultVerify is bundled with the appropriate native driver for SQL Server databases. However, to use the direct database connection for Oracle databases, the latest Oracle JDBC driver must be downloaded from and installed in the installation directory for VaultVerify.

The Borland Database Engine (BDE) is the database engine provided by Borland (now Inprise) for access to Paradox and dBase databases s well as a few other formats. It provides the database interface for Borland products such as Borland C++, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi, and Borland J Builder.Borland provides library files and header files to facilitate direct access to the BDE API. Borland also provides fairly extensive documentation of each API function, usually including samples in C and Pascal. Borland compilers, such as Borland C++ 4.5 and 5.0 also include example programs using direct API calls.

Payroll Pro uses an extra program called the Borland Database Engine to control reading and writing of information in the payroll database. This is installed on your computer when Payroll Pro is fully installed from a CDROM or by downloading the full installation from our website.


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