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Valentine Ignatov
Valentine Ignatov

Alexandra Ledermann 8 Secret 18

At the interview with the veterinarian Dr. Daniel, you need to answer all his questions. In the first part, if you answer from your kind, sensitive heart (you get attached to animals, can't see them hurt, etc.) as well as expressing boundaries (refusing overtime or secretary tasks / making coffee ...), you and the vet will agree after the first part that it's not a match, the scene ends right there.

alexandra ledermann 8 secret 18

Follow the path until the bridge, behind it, there's the cabin. If Emma has found the cabin photo in the crypt (Chapter 11), she'll recognize the cabin; otherwise, she's just curious anyway. When you take a photo (or interact with the cabin door), you need to make a big decision: Continue photo competition, or investigate the cabin!If you investigate the cabin, Emma goes indoors and finds a lot of photos of Flora spread around the cabin. She decides to ask Hilda for the key to this forest area and come back later to find out who secretly lives there.If you continue the competition instead, follow the path and ride past Chloe (you can talk to her if you like), on the hill to the right, there's wild boars. Continue on the path until you see the rabbit on it. To the left, you'll see a doe with two fawns. Then, leave the area through the second gate (again, sometimes glitchy... if all fails, save the game and reload, and you will spawn in the middle of the forest, outside the gated area), and ride onto the natural fenced bridge straight ahead. The waterfall is on the left of the bridge.You now have all the photos and need to return to Hilda before 6 pm. Once you have left the forest area, the timer will start again and you can ride or fast travel to the village. Talk to Hilda, the competition and the chapter are over.

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