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Domino 4 2: The Most Popular Version of International Dominoes

Domino 4 2: How to Play the Fun Trick-Taking Game

Domino 4 2 is a popular domino game that combines elements of card games like bridge and spades. It is also known as Texas 42, Four-Hand Texas, or Domino Rounce. In this game, teams of two players compete to win tricks and score points by bidding on their hands and playing dominoes. The first team to reach 250 points or win seven hands wins the game.

In this article, we will explain the rules and strategy of domino 4 2 in detail. We will also provide a table that shows the ranking and value of the domino suits and point dominoes. By the end of this article, you will be ready to play domino 4 2 with your friends and have a lot of fun!

domino 4 2


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Split into two teams of two players

Domino 4 2 can only be played with four players, so get together with three friends and choose a teammate. Sit in a circle around the table so teammates are across from each other. Turns will alternate between a member of the first team and a member of the other team.

Draw a domino and choose the first dealer based on the highest value

Lay all 42 dominoes from a double-six domino set face-down on the table and shuffle them. Each player draws one domino from the pile and flips it face-up. Count the pips (dots) on each domino. Whoever drew the domino with the most pips starts the game as the dealer. You can choose the first dealer randomly if you want to save some time.

Shuffle the dominos and have players draw seven into their hand

The dealer flips over the dominoes that were revealed and shuffles them back into the pile. The team that isnt dealing for the round draws their hands of dominoes first. The dealer and their teammate draw last.

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Check your hand for doubles and dominoes that share a suit

The domino suits are the values on one side of a domino, so each domino has two suits. Double dominoes have the same suit on each side, like 6-6 and 5-5. Doubles are valuable, so having three or four of them means you have a good hand.

If you have three or four dominoes with the same suit, that's also a good hand. This means you have a majority of dominoes in that suit, giving you control of it.

Look for point dominoes in your hand

The five dominoes with a total of five or ten pips earn extra points at the end of the round and are called point dominoes. When a player wins the trick theyre played into, the dominoes are worth five or ten points depending on how many pips they have.

The point dominoes are:

  • 5-5 (worth ten points)

  • 5-0 (worth five points)

  • 4-1 (worth five points)

  • 3-2 (worth five points)

  • 4-6 (worth ten points)

Bid on your hand based on its strength

The bidding starts with the player to the left of the dealer and goes clockwise around the table. Each player can either pass or bid a number between 30 and 42. The number represents the minimum number of points that the player thinks their team can score in the hand. The bid must be higher than the previous bid or pass. The bidding ends when three players pass in a row.

Choose a trump suit if you win the bid