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How to take care of your pet in the summer? 10 essential tips

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Summer is a time for lots of fun and outdoor activities with your dog. In intense heat, just like us, pets can also suffer from heat. When summer arrives, the temperature can increase a lot and with that present danger for the pets. There are regions that suffer from double blows of intense heat, which can cause terrible results.

For your pet to be safe this summer, I have prepared some basic tips:

The most awaited season of the year to enjoy the break, beach, pool, travel and outdoor fun, can come with some disadvantages. Pets need extra care and you need to be prepared and always attentive so that he stays safe and in perfect health condition.

To prevent your dog from suffering from high temperatures and enjoy a summer with tranquility and safety, follow our 10 tips for everyone in your family to have a fresh and healthy summer.


1- Pay attention to walking times

During the year, it is necessary to be aware of the temperatures, however, in the summer, respecting the cooler times to walk with your dog is essential. If necessary, change the bathroom trips to earlier and later times of the day, if he is used to this routine. Just like us, they can burn their paws on the asphalt, on very hot days, take your dog to shady places, with grass and trees.

These external walks are also used for visits to the dog park and agility training. Adjust the times and intensity of training and games according to the temperature, the most suitable is early and late in the day with a lower temperature.

2- Never leave your pet alone in the car

Never leave your dog alone in the car, not even for 1 minute, even with the air conditioning on and the windows open. Temperatures can quickly rise to dangerous levels on hot days, reaching 102 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes even with the windows open, this could lead to the death of your dog.

3- Use sunscreen for pets

The use of sunscreen (specific for dogs) is super important when going for a walk, especially in areas with less hair, such as the muzzle, ears, around the eyes, on the belly and under the arms and legs. If your pet has a light coat / muzzle, the use of sunscreen is mandatory when they are exposed to the sun. Dogs are also subject to skin cancer. Remember to reapply during the day.

4- Special care for puppies, the elderly, dogs with heart problems,

respiratory, obese and short snout.

Remember that each pet has its particularities and some have special needs and need extra attention.

In general, elderly dogs, puppies and obese dogs, have more difficulty enduring high temperatures. Like pets with heart or respiratory problems, they have a harder time losing heat and need extra precaution. With these pets, always be aware of signs of fatigue, unusual panting, changes in behavior and food.

Short-snouted (brachycephalic) pets of the breeds, Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier, among others and also some cat breeds such as the Persians, are more prone to hyperthermia and thermal shock. To maintain good health, offer more water, avoid the sun, take breaks between exercises and walks.

5- Groom if you need to

The fur, in addition to being fluffy and beautiful, works as a thermal insulator. For this reason, to avoid skin burns, always trim the ends without shaving completely.