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Customize your pet's accessory

In addition to the collections that are super relaxed and cheerful, you can also be part of the collar's production  for your pet.

Have you thought about choosing the colors of the paracord, clasp and the  plot to build a unique and personalized collar for your puppy? Here at Molly & Tutu Boutique, you can let your creativity run wild! Imagine the success he will make with something so different and unique!

With each collar that I mount I put a little piece of my love, because while I'm braiding the ropes, I'm imagining how beautiful it will look in the pet that will use.  

It often happens that I assemble and disassemble the collar until I am satisfied with the result, as there are countless details that need to be taken into consideration. The knot needs to be in the right pressure, the weft has to be well aligned, it is essential that the colors are in harmony, the size needs to be correct...  

There are many stages of confection until you reach the final result and a wonderful collar emerges. The entire work is done by hand and for this reason it takes me a long time to make an entire collar. And this is the magic of making something that is much more than a simple collar, rope art is a majestic and exclusive accessory.

Be part of this art and turn love for your pet into creativity, help in choosing the materials that will be used to make this beautiful accessory for him.

In order for the accessory to be exactly as you imagined, it is important to follow the step-by-step instructions described in each step.

  Let's go together in this world of rope art, Pets Matter!


Meet Paracord

The paracord was first used by the United States during World War II and continues to be used by all divisions of the US Army. During the war, it was used in parachutes (hence the name Paracord), however, when landing, soldiers used the parachute ropes for numerous other activities.

The paracord is so versatile that it has even been used by astronauts during the Space Shuttle mission's STS-82 to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

Arguably, over the 70 years since its inception, Paracord has subtly shaped American history.

Parachute Cord or simply Paracord 550 is a thin rope made of Nylon, it is composed of a protective cover and seven thinner inner ropes and each of these is made of two individual strands braided. Its tensile strength is 550 lbs (249Kg), hence the name Paracord 550. The Paracord is designed to be strong lightweight and slightly elastic.

After World War II, it was made available for civilian use with numerous colors, which differed in diameter and maximum load resistance. Currently, it is used all over the world, being used for various uses, especially in handicrafts.

Meet Biothane

To accompany the Paracord 550 in quality, beauty and originality, the zips made from Biothane are part of this universe of colorful accessories.

It is manufactured in North Ridgville, Ohio, USA which holds/protects worldwide patent. Its breaking point is measured at 450 kgs.

The composition of the  material  BioThane's is nylon and polyester coated with thermoplastic polyurethane of closed cells, its high quality allows uses with safety and resistance.

It is an alternative to replace leather and fabric, as it is more durable, easier to clean, resistant to water, bacteria and does not stretch.

Biothane's myriad of colors allow imagination to run wild, as we can match the colors of Paracord 550.

To help you choose the color of Biothane, we have some options available, as this makes it easier to visualize the finished collar.

Let your creativity flow. Enjoy!


let's start making art  with Paracord!

Step 1

Choose the Weave by name.

Each photo represents a name. (It has to be different names from the dogs' collection.