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Paracord Style

Adopting is a great act of love, where you open your heart to adopt a dog or cat, which needs to be rescued and cared for with great care.

Usually, they have already been through very difficult and sad times, however, they may have the chance to have a completely different life when they meet a protective angel, namely you.  

I've been asked if those who prefer to buy rather than adopt a dog or cat can't buy the collars. Of course you can!!! The important thing is to make our puppies happy and offer the best for them.  

Regardless of whether you adopted or bought your pet, the key is to treat it with love, respect and a lot of responsibility.

For a long time I searched for a useful product, of high quality and  that it was different, after a lot of research, I fell in love with the art made with Paracord.


The collars for dogs and cats are made of Paracord 550 type III ropes, are of the highest quality and durability, are perfect to bring joy in colors, differentiated plots and super creative design, in addition to safety for your pet.

The strength of the material used allows  you and your pet  can have fun anywhere without worry, as the collar is made exclusively for dogs and cats. You can rest assured, because, in addition to being comfortable, it can get wet, dirty, be used in the snow, on the beach and sunbathe without losing its color. The Paracord is  mildew and UV fading resistant.

More than a collar, it is a fashion and comfortable accessory that makes your pet stand out even more. The collars are unique and personalized for your dog or cat.


Completely handmade, each collar has its color combination inspired by nature. They are definetly the best collars for dogs and cats.

The Molly & Tutu Boutique has as one of its goals, to help bring joy in colors, charm, safety and exclusivity to you and your pet.

Imagine how stylish and special he will look with a totally unique handmade jewelry, where you instead of buying a simple collar, chose a valuable art for him.

Dogs and cats are curious and like to know new things, the fact is that they may want to leave the house alone to explore the garden, the street, be attracted by another animal... Have you ever thought about this adventure?  does he get lost?

Boutique Molly & Tutu accessories for being differentiated and standing out, it is evident that your puppy has an owner and is very well taken care of.


To ensure the safety of your pet, Boutique Molly & Tutu has developed an identification plate with a QR code that, when read, is directed to a page on our website, with all the guidelines. This tag is attached to the collar.


The search  and the reunion between you is easier.


Your child with paws, in addition to standing out, will be carrying with him a collar made with soul and love. By making the purchase, you will be contributing so that part of the sale is reverted to help other pets that need care and are looking for a family to adopt them.

Discover the history of paracord:

Paracord was first used by the United States during World War II and continues to be used by all divisions of the US Army. During the war, it was used in parachutes (hence the name Paracord), however, upon landing, soldiers used the parachute ropes for numerous other activities.

Paracord is so versatile that it was even used by astronauts during the Space Shuttle mission STS-82 to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

Arguably, over the 70 years since its inception, Paracord has subtly shaped American history.

Parachute Cord or simply Paracord 550 is a thin rope made of Nylon, it is composed of a protective cover and seven thinner inner cords and each of these is made of two individual strands braided. Its tensile strength is 550 pounds (249Kg), hence the name Paracord 550. Paracord is designed to be strong, lightweight and slightly stretchy.

After World War II, it was made available for civilian use in numerous colors, which differed in diameter and maximum strength. Currently, it is all over the world, being used for various uses, especially in crafts.

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Dogs Helping Dogs Club

The dogs Helping Dogs Club Helps dogs in need, who have gone through abuse, abandonment or live in precarious situation for various reasons.


I'd just like to say thank you, i have all my friends complimenting the collar and asking about it! I really appreciate you taking the time to make it and sending it! I also can't get over them, they really amazing!

We love everything you send  including the packaging and presentation. It is beautiful! The collar and leash is amazing! Thank you so much, it is all beautiful!

Thank you so much, we love  the collar and leash! It is all beautiful!  All dogs should wear a collar like this one

Thank  you for the beautiful dog collar,it fits perfectly and the colors are really great. Thank you also for the nice surprise inside and it was packed with so much love . Thank you very much. Just to be recommended.

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